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  • Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association
  • Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA)
  • Scottsdale Lodge 35 – Fraternal Order of Police
  • Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS
  • Scottsdale Charros
  • Arizona Arabian Horse Association
  • Arizona Quarter Horse Association
  • Barrett-Jackson
  • ColRich
  • DC Ranch Community Council
  • Evening Entertainment Group
  • Honor Health
  • Ice Den
  • Macerich
  • Phoenix Rising
  • The Thunderbirds
  • Waste Management
  • A Unanimous City Council & Mayor
  • Former Mayor Sam Campana
  • Former Mayor Mary Manross
  • Former Councilwoman Betty Drake
  • Former Councilman Paul Messinger
  • Former Councilman Ned O’Hearn
  • Former Councilman Robert Pettycrew
  • Sasha Weller
  • Craig Jackson
  • Sonnie Kirtley
  • Copper Phillips
  • Don Henninger
  • Scott Jenkins
  • Sandy Schenkat
  • Brian Esterly
  • Michelle Pabis
  • Betty Janik
  • Alex McLaren
  • Les Conklin
  • John Bridger
  • Jim Derouin
  • Larry Kush
  • Bob Pejman
  • Howard Myers
  • French Thompson
  • Nancy Cantor
  • Christian Serena
  • Vernon Parker
  • Damien Mendoza
  • Gerd Wuestemann
  • Barry Graham
  • Jon Ryder
  • Mark Stanton
  • Becca Linnig
  • Matthew Benson
  • Bill Crawford
  • Mike O’Hearn
  • Rebecca Grossman
  • Robert Rogers
  • Suzanne Lansford
  • Lynn Whitman

Supporter Testimonials

Sasha Weller, Scottsdale Fire Fighter’s Association
“We enthusiastically support not just Question 3 which provides new funds for critical public safety improvements
but Questions 1 and 2 to help parks, seniors and our infrastructure too. Why? Because we need all three to pass to keep our Scottsdale community healthy and whole.”

Mayor Jim Lane
“There is simply no other way to pay for the long overdue and the much needed long-term capital repairs and infrastructure projects outlined in Question 1, 2 and 3. As a fiscal conservative, I certainly understand in our past years of difficult economic times, a public desire to defer attention to long-term capital infrastructure needs. But now, answering these needs is more acute and there is no question on how needed these improvements are. These are important projects to maintain and improve Scottsdale quality of life and I proudly support them.”

Vice Mayor Kathy Littlefield
“With the help of citizens throughout the City, we have crafted a bond request which I believe reflects some very real needs in Scottsdale. Please join me in voting Yes on the bonds. It’s time.”

Councilwoman Linda Milhaven
“As a council member, I vigorously support this bond. There is something good for everybody and it serves the greater good of our community.”

Councilwoman Virginia Korte
“In the past I have proudly championed improvements for our City as well as for Scottsdale’s public school system and proudly do so again for city infrastructure we desperately need to keep Scottsdale’s quality of life as good as possible.”

Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp
“I served on the City Council subcommittee that worked several months with citizens, evaluating capital projects and determining which ones were needs versus wants. The package now before voters reflects that careful analysis. I am proud to support Questions 1, 2 and 3 which will not increase property taxes if approved.”

Councilman Guy Phillips
“I have opposed Scottsdale bond measures in the past but support this one because our community desperately needs the improved infrastructure and we have structured the package in a way that will not increase property taxes. In fact, they will be going down.”

Councilwoman Solange Whitehead
“Scottsdale is a world class tourist destination and an incredible place to call home. Our most stunning achievements are the result of citizen- driven priorities made possible with voter approved bonds. This bond package is up to that standard and I am enthusiastically supporting all three bond questions.”

Former Councilwoman Betty Drake
“Projects included in this bond package remind me why I love Scottsdale. Together the projects will make us safer and more environmentally responsible, make Old Town Scottsdale more walkable and welcoming, increase efficiency and lower costs of City services. The projects in all three Questions build on our strengths, expand quality of life for residents, improve financial sustainability and embody the kind of vision that makes Scottsdale special. I strongly support approval of the entire bond package.”

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