For The Best Scottsdale Coalition

Paula Sturgeon and Mike Norton were on opposite sides of last year’s contentious debate over Proposition 420 and the Desert Discovery Center.

Now, the two longtime Scottsdale residents are coming together to support the Scottsdale bond measures Questions One, Two and Three.

Norton and Sturgeon are indicative of the broad and diverse support the bonds enjoy. Business leaders and neighborhood advocates, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, north Scottsdale, downtown and south Scottsdale leaders and resident are all backing the bonds.

Our current mayor, our two leading contenders to become our new mayor next year and the entire Scottsdale City Council support the bonds.


  • Andrea Alley
  • Dana Close
  • Dennis Robbins
  • Paula Sturgeon
  • Mike Norton

Honorary Co-Chairs

  • Former Mayor Mary Manross
  • Former Councilman Robert Pettycrew
  • Former Councilwoman Betty Drake
  • Former Councilman Paul Messinger

Steering Committee

  • Sasha Weller
  • Craig Jackson
  • Sonnie Kirtley
  • Copper Phillips
  • Don Henninger
  • Scott Jenkins
  • Sandy Schenkat
  • Brian Esterly
  • Michelle Pabis
  • Betty Janik
  • Alex McLaren
  • Les Conklin
  • John Bridger
  • Jim Derouin
  • Vernon Parker
  • Damien Mendoza
  • Larry Kush
  • Barry Graham
  • Jon Ryder
  • Gerd Wuestemann
  • Rebecca Grossman
  • Becca Linnig
  • Joyce Tawes

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