By The Numbers
Savings and Increased Revenue With This Bond If Approved

By Sonnie Kirtley, Director, Coalition of Greater Scottsdale

QUESTION #1 Parks, Recreation and Senior Services
#10 Replace tennis court surface at Indian School Park and Scottsdale Tennis Center — will save estimated $3 to $4 million in maintenance and repair costs over the 30-year life of the concrete courts.

#22 Build new swimming pool at Cactus Aquatic Center to increase revenue $125K/year.

#24 Install high efficiency lifts at 4 sports facilities will generate approx. $10K revenue/year and offset any utility costs with the new lighting. Also eliminates expensive diesel generators during the Phoenix Open and reduces light spillage into the surrounding area.

#25 Replace aging bldgs. At Paiute Community Center (Osborn near 64th St) the current cost to maintain the old building is $144K/year. The new facility will increase revenue $25K/year with Leisure Education classes.

#41 Install solar heating system for Eldorado Pool will save $70K per year in energy costs.

#47 Replace WestWorld arena lights will reduce operating $24,000/year.

#50 Renovate Arena 8 at WestWorld to increase flexibility to increase rentable, useful space.

#51 Install permanent WestWorld parking lot lighting—eliminates costly diesel generators, noise impact and lighting glare on neighborhoods nearby. Reduces operating costs. (800,000 people come—more than the former Rawhide tourist attraction on northern Pima Rd in the “old days”).

#53 Build 13 multi-use sports field near Bell Road to host larger tournaments and increase revenue. During special events it can be converted to parking to replace the AZ state land that is currently used and will be unavailable when sold at auction soon.

#57 Install solar systems at city’s North Corp. campus will reduce the energy cost by approx. $240,380/year. (Located north via Linda/90th/San Salvador).

#58 Install solar shade structure at city hall parking lot will reduce energy cost at Civic Center approx. $130,526/year.

#59 Install solar systems on roof of city hall, One Civic Center and Civic Center Library to reduce energy cost by approximately $143,869/year.

Special NEW programs in Question #1

#13 Adult Day Care Center at the Granite Reef Senior Center.

#21 Expand Via Linda Senior Center to meet increasing demand (42% of Scottsdale population is over 50 yrs. Old) …and the city now has a free trolley that goes from Downtown to this center

QUESTION #2 Community Spaces and Infrastructure

#1 Replace aging Civic Center Plaza infrastructure will attract larger-scale events—more revenue.

#32 Renovate and modernize Stage 3 of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts to increase bookings and attendance in the theater—more revenue.

#45 Renovate the 1980s horse barns at WestWorld to increase rentable space and increase revenue.

Special new amenities with Question #2

#18 Improve 2nd Street from Drinkwater (east of the library) to Goldwater Blvd (near the Museum of the West). It may be renamed Museum Way and include two pocket parks, widened sidewalks, bike lanes, and new landscaping to guide visitors from Historic Old Town to the Arts District.

QUESTION #3 Public Safety and Technology

#14 Replace city’s obsolete software to increase efficiency with a fully integrated web-based system in our departments that currently collects more than $20 million annual revenue.

#27 Modernize and expand the 20-year old police and fire training facility that doesn’t meet national standards.

#44 Replace the Fire Utility Truck (responds to hazardous materials and technical rescues) that went out of service in 2010. Response time from area partners is 30 to 45 minutes. We need our own again!

Special new amenities with Question #3

#36 Provide free public WiFi in Civic Center Plaza

Prepared by Sonnie Kirtley COGS Exec Director and Bond Steering Committee member

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