Strong support for Scottsdale bond questions shows with wave of ballot statements backing Questions 1, 2 and 3

  • August 9, 2019

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Scottsdale voters get an opportunity to invest in public safety, senior centers, infrastructure repairs and parks.

(SCOTTSDALE) — Community support has been deep and wide for the three Scottsdale bond measures on this November’s ballot.

That strong support has shown itself again with a wave of backers submitting ballot statements to the city of Scottsdale advocating for Questions 1, 2 and 3.

Supporters of the Scottsdale bonds have submitted 59 ballot statements in favor of the three questions.

“Neighborhoods advocates, former and current Scottsdale City Council members and mayors, coaches, business leaders and dedicated community leaders have all stepped forward to voice support for the bonds,” said Paula Sturgeon, co-chair of the For The Best Scottsdale Campaign: Vote Yes on Questions 1, 2 and 3.

The Scottsdale City Clerk received just two ballot statements opposing the bonds.

The bonds will build new parks, youth sports fields and fire stations. They will also install bullet proof glass at police stations, make improvements at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park and the Paiute Neighborhood Center.

“The volume of ballot statements in favor of Questions 1, 2 and 3 speak volumes. We are thrilled by the level of support for all three bond measures. The community sees how important the bonds investments in infrastructure repairs and our neighborhoods are for Scottsdale’s quality of life,” Sturgeon said.

The Scottsdale bonds are supported by Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and the entire Scottsdale City Council, former mayor Mary Manross and numerous former City Council members, the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association and scores of community and neighborhood advocates. Every member of the Scottsdale City Council submitted a statement in favor of the three questions on the November ballot.

Here is a rundown of the community leaders and neighborhood advocates who submitted ballot statements in favor of Questions 1, 2 and 3.

Question 1 “FOR”
Mayor W.J. “Jim” Lane
Alex McLaren — Community leader
Sonnie Kirtley — Community advocate, long-time Scottsdale resident
Paul Messinger — Business owner, former Scottsdale City Councilmember, former Arizona lawmaker, civic leader
Wayne Ecton — Former Scottsdale City Councilman
Jim Derouin — Lawyer who has lived in Scottsdale since 1985, proposed the adoption of the City’s ethics code and served on the City’s Charter Review Committee, the City’s districting task force and as President of the Scottsdale Ranch Community Association.
Lisa Borowsky — Former Scottsdale City Councilmember
Sandy Schenkat — Citizen advocate and member of the For The Best Scottsdale Steering Committee
Les Conklin — Scottsdale resident, magazine editor
Larry Kush — Planning and Zoning Commission member, Scottsdale resident since 1976
HonorHealth — Scottsdale’s largest employer and health care provider
Matthew Benson — Vice Chairman, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce
Vernon B. Parker — Scottsdale resident, former mayor of Paradise Valley
Dana Close — President, Close Community Concepts
Dennis Robbins — Co-Chair, For the Best Scottsdale
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Kathy Littlefield
Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) — Community group
Scottsdale City Councilman Guy Phillips
For The Best Scottsdale PAC
Tom Silverman — Former Scottsdale Councilmember
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Solange Whitehead
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Linda Milhaven
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp
James Burke M.D. — Physician, Former Scottsdale City Councilmember
Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS
Scottsdale City Councilwoman Virginia Korte
Brian Esterly — Scottsdale Resident and parent of three youth athletes
Dena Roady — Scottsdale tourism advocate
Ken McKenzie — Scottsdale resident for 45 years, Saguaro High School graduate (1968)
David N. Smith — Scottsdale City Treasurer (2009-13), Scottsdale City Councilman (2015-19)
Sam Campana — Former Scottsdale Mayor and Scottsdale City Councilmember
Van M Robinson — Board of Directors of Phoenix Rising FC Youth Soccer (PRFCYS)
Mario Diaz/Brad Clement — Governing board members of a Scottsdale based youth soccer club
Mary Turner — Scottsdale Resident Campaign Manager and Treasurer, For The Best Scottsdale

Question 2 “FOR”
Jim Derouin
Barry Graham — Scottsdale resident, CPA, Transportation Commission Chair, Steering Committee, For the Best Scottsdale
Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce
Mary Manross — Former Mayor of Scottsdale, Scottsdale resident
Susan Bitter Smith — Scottsdale resident. Business owner. Former Councilmember and Vice Mayor
Paula Sturgeon — 55-year resident of Scottsdale; graduate of Pima Elementary and Scottsdale High School, Chairman For The Best Scottsdale
Andrea Alley — Founder, South Scottsdale Project
Doug Huls — CEO, Arizona Quarter Horse Association
Scottsdale Polo Championships
Dr. Gerd Wuestemann — President and CEO, Scottsdale Arts
Macerich / Scottsdale Fashion Square
Bob Pejman — Owner of Pejman Gallery, Scottsdale resident
Craig Jackson — President, CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company
The Thunderbirds
Christian Serena — Scottsdale resident, Member, Scottsdale Arts Board of Trustees
Kathy Wills — Native Scottsdale resident, Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees for Scottsdale Arts
Mike O’ Hearn — President, Ice Den Scottsdale

Question 3 “FOR”
Jim Derouin
Police Officers of Scottsdale Arizona
Bill Crawford — Neighborhood advocate, business owner
Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association
Mike Norton — 25-year resident, SUSD Bond Oversight Committee, Former SUSD Budget Committee,
Former Cheyenne Traditional School Site Council
Suzanne Lansford — Scottsdale Resident, owner of Scottsdale electrical engineering company, Saguaro High School graduate
Jason Alexander — Resident Advocate, Founder of NoDDC in favor of Prop 420
Jim Bruner — Former Scottsdale City Councilmember, 50-year Scottsdale Resident

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